Fall 2018 Pendletons

Pendleton Board Shirts with May, or June, 2018 Shipping

Fall 2018 All Wool Pendleton Board Shirts have already been released. These Pendletons are all virgin wool flannel "board shirts", by Pendleton Woolen Mills. They feature two flap pockets, straight bottom, button up, with a top loop button. Pendleton is having 3 delivery dates for the new patterns for the Fall 2018 season, Some patterns have arrived around May, other patterns scheduled later in July, then some more in September, 2018. As they arrive these patterns are here in this section of the web site., Some patterns have not arrived yet, or are delayed in production by Pendleton,  will be found in the "Pendletons with future delivery" section on this web site, All these are made in sizes Small to 3X Regular, many are made in Talls up to 3X Tall, and some up to 5X Tall. All these patterns are made limited edition for a some months and then discontinued. We offer the widest selection of these.

Pendletons with Future Scheduled Delivery

Charcoal Ombre F191 BTBT

Fall 2019 and later delivery Spring 2019 Pendleton products for presale with March through July, 2019 scheduled shipping.

Short Sleeved Pendletons

Blue Grey Shadow Plaid Ombre Short Sleeve board shirt  Spring 2019

Short Sleeved all virgin wool Pendleton Board shirts, some made exclusively for Greenspan's 

Spring 2019 Pendletons

Blue Tan Ombre Spring 2019 10:25

These are Pendleton products with scheduled deliveries from immediate, to March, 2019. Please check the item and size for later scheduled shipping dates.  If an estimated shipping time is delayed over a week, we will contact you to inform you of the length of delay.

Women's Pendleton wool shirts


Women's wool shirts. All virgin wool Pendleton shirts made especially for a women's figure, and with the men's woolen flannel quality. Cute styling for the woman who like what used to be the guys' material.  Greenspan's has it in store, and online, in South Gate, California, near Los Angeles. on Tweedy Blvd., for that pinup, chola, rockabilly, pachuca, surfer girl, look. from size XXS to XL. 

Older Pendleton Board Shirts


Part of the reason we have the world's biggest selection of board shirts, is because we have so many patterns that Pendleton no longer makes or stocks, (like these.) Dozens of patterns in every size normally made are available here. These are all virgin wool flannel board shirts made by Pendleton Woolen Mills limited edition, some custom for Greenspan's, South Gate, California. There are plaids, ombres, blended, and defined patterns, and solids and stripes, with 2 flap pockets, square bottom, top loop button, made in umatilla flannel, woven in The United States, and assembled in Mexico. 

Pendleton caps

Black Pendleton Flat Brim Cap Wool

Pendleton Flat Brim wool blend baseball caps, and Trucker caps, with snap backs.

Pendleton Jackets and Outerwear

Pendleton Jackets and Outerwear2

Pendleton jackets, in classic styles. Pendleton outerwear carried by Greenspan's for this winter: Quilted Shirts, Zip up unlined Brightwood Jackets, Wool flannel Hoodies, and maybe some more, as available. 

Pendleton Throwback Collection of Board Shirts


These are a collection of Pendleton all wool flannel patterns for board shirts out of the archives of Pendleton Woolen Mills. Iconic patterns including one wore by Easy E, rappter from NWA. Designed with the help of Josh Greenspan, these are limited edition reproductions of discontinued classic patterns, from days gone bye. Most in the Pendleton Throwback Collection have the date of their first release sewn inside the virgin wool shirt, some are made in big and tall sizes. Part of the The world's best selection of Pendleton board shirts...verified

Pendletons Big and Tall

Blue Grey Shadow Plaid Ombre Spring 2019 Pendleton Board Shirt

Bigger sized Pendleton Board Shirts, in a nice selection of Patterns, this section contains sizes 4X Regular, 4X Tall, 5X Regular, and 5X Tall.  in many patterns, in all virgin wool. Smaller sizes will be in other categories.